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Experienced and new grad RNs ● Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) ● Surgical Techs ● Imaging/Allied Health Techs ● Respiratory Therapists

Ready to Heat Up Your Career?
Join us any Wednesday to chat with recruiters about the positions we are hiring for, take a tour of the unit you’re interested in, and a guaranteed interview with one of our leaders. You might even receive an on-the-spot offer! The RN role is eligible for TN sponsorship. Holders of F1 status are also eligible upon receiving their OPT. Sponsorship will require IL RN licensure and Visa Screen.

Every Wednesday

1 – 4pm


Mount Sinai Hospital
1500 S. Fairfield Avenue
Chicago, IL 60608

We are committed to creating an inclusive and collaborative work environment that encourages professional development and growth across all our ancillary and procedural departments.  Here you will find a dedicated team of supportive staff members, visionary leaders, and experienced physicians who are passionate about helping you succeed in your career. We embrace the chance to offer both seasoned caregivers and recent graduates, to expand your skill set and experience various modalities in healthcare.

Become part of a dynamic and progressive healthcare community where your career can thrive and flourish throughout all seasons.

Sinai Chicago
At Sinai Chicago, we do more than serve patients. We serve a community that reflects the real Chicago, bringing real-life struggles as well as unbelievable triumphs through our doors. When you join the team at Sinai Chicago you get more than just a job, you get real life, real experience and real Chicago.